Senior Life Insurance: No Medical Exam

Senior Life Insurance

When most people think of purchasing life insurance, they think of a long drawn out process that involves a lot of paperwork, medical exams and even more paperwork.  What many may not realize is that there are policies that allow you to get life insurance without going through all that work and a medical examination. Many companies are now starting offer senior life insurance. Senior life insurance allows older individuals to discover that they and their families can benefit from the right type of insurance.

By not requiring a medical exam, senior life insurance is a fast and simple way to obtain security for your family in case of sudden loss or an unexpected passing. In fact, seniors are looking at such policies as an investment opportunity. Costs for senior life insurance are affordable and contain many options. As such, senior citizens are using senior life insurance to provide one final gift to their children or grandchildren upon their death.

Here are some sample rates for $10,000 policies where the price stays the same for the rest of your life and are approved in 15 minutes!

Male Age 50                Female Age 50

$33 per month             $27 per month

Unlike traditional life insurance, most insurance providers that don’t require a medical exam have a 24 hour turnaround and can provide you with results the very same day. It has often been misunderstood that no exam life insurance means no health questions. This thought is incorrect. Though no medical exam may be required, you will still need to answer a few health questions.

Being a senior or having medical issues shouldn’t hinder you from obtaining a great life insurance policy. Senior life insurance has provided many with the chance to be financially secure and rest easy that their loved ones will be taken care after their passing.

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