Life Insurance for Seniors over 70: Senior Life Insurance Options

Senior Life Insurance Options

At Lifeline Direct Insurance, we believe in complete transparency for our clients, we shop the rates with top insurance companies and allow clients to see the rates instantly so they can make an informed decision on which company will offer them the best deal. We specialize in finding affordable term and whole senior life insurance for ages 70 through 75 years old. In this age group there are still a variety of senior life insurance options available including 10, and 15 year term policies. Typically people in their 70′s will be taking some preventative maintenance medications for blood pressure or cholesterol or even had a major health incident in the past like a heart attack, this should not deter you from seeking senior life insurance. There are companies that will offer term policies depending on the severity of your past medical history and your current health status. There are some sample rates below for senior term life insurance policies.

Average Monthly Premium for 10 Year Term, 70 Year Old Male

$100,000 Term Policy $105 per month

$250,000 Term Policy $229 per month

*Quotes above are for Preferred Non-Smoker Rating as of 01/24/2013 and are subject to change.

If you are not in the market for term life insurance there are a variety of permanent senior life insurance options available. Primarily children of parents are looking for coverage to make sure that final expenses and burial costs are taken care of, in that instance a small whole life policy will fit the family’s need just fine. These policies will typically be for $10,000-$25000 depending on budget and typically will not require a medical exam. The average turn around time for this type of policy is about 72 hours, see sample rates below:

Average Monthly Premium for Whole Life, 70 Year Old Male

$10,000 Whole Life Policy $78 per month

$25,000 Whole Life Policy $187 per month

Which ever senior life insurance plan you are looking for you can get an instant quote from our website or simply contact a licensed agent at 877-805-9624 to answer any questions you may have.

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