Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

What is guaranteed issue life insurance?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is one form of life insurance. It is intended for those whose health problems prevent them from obtaining other forms of life insurance. With this type of policy there is no underwriting, making the process of obtaining coverage fast and simple. There are also no health exams required in order to obtain the policy, and applying for the coverage is also simple, taking only about 15 minutes of your time. This is good news for those who need coverage immediately and do not have time to wit the normal 4 to 6 weeks needed with an ordinary policy. Anyone can obtain this type of policy. You cannot be turned down for guaranteed issue life insurance unless you live in a hospital or long-term care facility.

Expect to Pay a Little More

Because insurance companies use the information obtained from medical exams and blood tests to evaluate your risks, a Guaranteed policy will cost more to purchase since there are no exams being given. Your age and sex is the only information the insurance company has on you, therefore that is the information that your premium is based upon. Issuing a policy without a health exam is risky to the insurance company, and that risk is given to you in the form of a higher premium payment. This does not, however, mean that an affordable policy can not be found.

How to Buy a Guaranteed Issue Policy

Getting a policy is fast and simple! Placing a call to 1-877-805-9624 will get an agent on the phone to help you, or you can do it all online for yourself. If you choose to complete the process online, you should first take advantage of quotes. Quotes are provided to you free and allow you to find the best rates. In order to get a quote you must do nothing more than complete the short application and answer a few simple questions.

Because there are several types of Guaranteed Issue policies available and uses a single quote engine for all types of no-exam life insurance, it is best to take a look at each of the products to learn exactly what it is and how it can benefit you. you can also call an adviser at 1-877-805-9624 to receive assistance in choosing the policy best for your needs.

If you do find that policy of your dreams, simply complete the application and the rest of the work is taken care of for you.

Not Enough Quotes?

When you request a quote for Guaranteed Issue coverage it may be surprising that there are only a few provided. Although Wholesale Insurance does business with over 50 competing life insurance companies, this coverage is not as popular as a regular life insurance policy. Fewer life insurance companies offer the coverage, creating fewer guaranteed issue products.

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