Fidelity Life Insurance Company Review

The Fidelity Life Insurance Company was first established in 1896.  This company has an “A-” AM Best financial rating, which is still excellent for the financial strength of this life insurance company.

Fidelity Life Insurance Company combines technology with their underwriting which makes the whole process of filling out an application easy to do online.  Most of the time, the person that filled out the application will know within 48 hours what their approval rate is and the policy will be inforce.

There are three main reasons that the Fidelity Life Insurance Company is able to underwrite the application that is filled out within 48 hours.  The first reason is that they can get a lot of medical information about you from the Medical Information Bureau.   The second reason is that they will do a pharmacy check on you.  This is where the insurance company can see all of the medications that are currently taking or have taken sometime in the past.  The third reason is that they can check your motor vehicle record.  This record will show up any DUI’s or reckless driving tickets that you might have gotten in the past.  If a person does not have a driver’s license, then they will not be able to get the Fidelity Life Insurance plan for themselves.

If a person does not want to take a medical exam to get a life insurance policy, then that person will be able to get a great rate with the Fidelity Life Insurance.  This insurance company has a program called “Rapid Decision Term.”  This is where a person can decide if they want to get a 10, 20, or 30 year term policy.  This insurance company also has some great rates on their graded benefit whole life policy and the accidental death benefit policy.  An agent is always ready to help a person to fill out their insurance policy application online.  All the agent has to do is ask the person a number of health questions and they they will send you a link to put the signatures in.  It is really that simple to do.